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Seafish is the authority on seafood, from catch to plate.

As a levy body Seafish represents the UK seafood industry.

Seafish is also a government body that aims to support government policy where possible, while still meeting the needs of the industry it represents. There are six primary areas in which Seafish offers support to the UK: Economic Growth, Employment, Infrastructure, Innovation and skills, Export and the Consumer. The work that Seafish carries out is to provide reliable information to industry, media and regulators. Seafish should be the first organisation that comes to mind when seafood data, interpretations or advice are required – they are ‘the authority on seafood’.

We have been working closely with Seafish since 2006. We design all manner of material for the organisation, from on-line banner ads and html emails to printed collateral including economics reports, magazines, books, general and specific information documentation and promotional material both for special events and conferences as well as to promote Seafish themselves.

The latest edition of Quay Issues Magazine has won the Best Publication Silver Award in the CIPR Scotland PRide Awards (Chartered Institute of Public Relations)