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Promotion is in our blood

A great deal of the material we work on can be considered as promotional. Whether its promoting an event, or a client or a service, it is the final part of – the public facing part of – the marketing mix. It can be a simple brochure or a leaflet, but it’s more likely to be a combination of material that works together to get a message across. Buy me, sell me, visit me etc, etc.

The most important part of any promotion is that you see it and remember it.

Promotion requires the flexibility to work across many different mediums, usually to tight deadlines and with accuracy, efficiency and creativity.

We design material that will stand you out from the crowd. Our designs will compete with everything happening around them. We don’t clutter up the environment we add a touch of decoration to it, that tells a story, gives across a message, and will remain memorable long after the viewer has walked away.

From promotion of festivals (the Imaginate Festival, the Carnegie Festival, the Gig on the Green, the Edinburgh Jazz festival, Magner’s Summer Nights and Castle Concerts and The Grassmarkets festival) through to Cultural exhibitions at the National Galleries of Scotland for Turner & Italy, Impressionist Gardens, the Art of Golf, and Inspiring Impressionism and the National Museum of Scotland for their Mammoths exhibition, Glasgow’s The Bard in the Park, the end of Festival Fireworks, the Carnegie Children’s Book Festival and the Inverness Book Festival, and even all the promotion for Scotland’s team in the Commonwealth Games, Zero have and unequalled experience in this field.

We even promote most of the gigs across Scotland for Regular Music, so we can turn our hands to promoting Turner or Van Gogh and then Stereophonics or the Red Hot Chili Peppers. We don’t have a house style – we can be classical and contemporary, ooze luxury, or be cutting edge.

We can work both in print, in large format, and on-line all at the same time. We can design static banners and interactive ads, we can apply our designs to posters, leaflets, hanging banners, bus sides, taxi wraps, 48 sheets, 96 sheets, adshels, press advertising, all manner of on-line advertising and animated graphics. We even design wraps for scaffolding gantries, entrance gateways and perimeter fences.