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Digital Marketing

If you are in an industry servicing a wide range of clients who have individual but specific needs you may find that digital marketing is the right solution for you. Utilising modern technology you can have a set of digital sales sheets or pages (in PDF format), which you can then combine in Acrobat to create bespoke brochures specifically geared to the areas of interest highlighted by a single company. Once combined, with a front and back cover, the brochure can then be sent via email anywhere in the world without the need for printing or postage. It will also reach them almost instantly, so keeping your sales message fresh and to the forefront of their minds.

Many organisations utilise the concept of digital marketing by using it’s interactive and ‘added-value’ features. The medium can be used to incorporate text, pictures, movies and sound. It can link to a web page for further reading, it can be printed out as a whole or just individual pages, or downloaded from a webpage or sent via the internet. It is by far the most exciting form of interactive documentation possible and has the greatest ‘buy in’ from viewers. This format can make a subject come to life and can give so much more information that a printed brochure or guide.

The examples shown in this section all use various aspects of the features mentioned above, but as is with the stated benefits of the medium, every client has a different requirement and these are completely bespoke to suit each of the clients. If you would like to talk more about a digital or interactive marketing project you may have in mind, or even to find out what is or isn’t possible, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising is a relatively new medium, but has caught the imagination of many cost-conscious clients who want to target a specific audience or demographic.

From on-line banner ads linked to specific types of websites or just treated as “display” items, or email advertising and marketing sent to subscribers and opt-in partners, digital advertising has become an integral part of the marketing mix.

Advertisers splashed out £7.2bn last year on digital advertising, with consumer goods, travel and transport, and finance being the top sectors for spend. Banner ads can be generic or targeted, they can be animated and interactive, all which offers a more ‘involved’ user experience.

They can also be linked to an existing website, or a site created specifically for the advertising concept, so trialling new ads before a concept is taken across all media. Many companies also create different levels of on-line advertising aimed at different demographics, with viral marketing being the more “edgy” form of advertising, so appealing to a more switched-on audience, and simple email marketing being the most safe (and targeted) form of digital advertising.

We started building digital medial in 1998 when Zero was launched, and ever since we have created campaigns and digital media for all of the different areas of on-line advertising available. If you are keen to look at on-line advertising, please get in touch!