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Bonnie Prince Charlie
and the Jacobites Exhibition

In 2017 the National Museum of Scotland staged a landmark exhibition celebrating the history of Bonnie Prince Charlie and the four Jacobite risings or rebellions.

Extending the offering
How could the Scottish tourist industry capitalise on this major exhibition and at the same time expand our knowledge of these historic events in a truly immersive way?

The answer was to join forces with the National Trust for Scotland, Historic Scotland, The Palace of Holyroodhouse and VisitScotland in making this not only a “housed” exhibition but also a truly interactive experience. Why restrict the event to simply a visit to the Museum, when the public could visit the actual sites where each event happened. And so “On the Trail of Bonnie Prince Charlie and the Jacobites” was born.

Where we came in
As part of a marketing team lead by 83 Agency, we were tasked with designing an extensive range of both publicity material for the larger project, and also support material to help the public choose, learn about and ultimately visit the featured sites.

With a list of 37 Jacobite sites around the whole of Scotland, our first task was to develop a fold out guide, with map on one side and venue overviews on the reverse to be distributed through a series of Sunday newspapers. This introduced the wider event to the general public, and gave them something that would help them plan their trips out.

This was supported by the design and creation of an interactive E-Book telling the story of Bonnie Prince Charlie and the Jacobites, and introducing each of the historic sites associated with the Jacobite Risings.

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To support these user-items we also designed a full range of publicity material to promote the wider event, including:

– branding
– press advertising
– z-card design (distributed through Scotland on
  Sunday and The Herald on Sunday
– map illustration of Scotland
– airport installation at Edinburgh Airport
– road-side advertising
– Solus emails
– social media banners
– on-line advertising banners
– website design
– on-line e-book
– website take-over
– SnapChat geo-filter
– travel trade brochure


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