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Dent Brewery –
Brand and Packaging Redesign

Dent Brewery are a small artisan brewers nestled in the Yorkshire Dales. The original brand family they had developed neither looked professional nor lent itself to stocking by a wider (and more discerning) audience, so the brewery realised they needed to look beyond the hills and towards the big city (in this case, Edinburgh) for some help.

Set in this wild and beautiful region, their nearest neighbours are the sheep that live in the fields surrounding the brewery.

This is where we got our inspiration for developing a new look and feel for the brewery branding and brand family. Stuart drew all of the pictures of sheep featured across the brands and Lisa designed the actual branding. Together it was a full internal collaboration.

The result was a suite of nine Dent beers, all with their own unique character.

All produced as pump clips and many as bottled beers, too.

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