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A little bit about Zero

At Zero we believe that quality of design is the most important factor in the sales or promotion of everything. What we do is make your design project stand out. We don’t do ‘me-too’ or mediocre, we only do ‘different’ and ‘effective’. We make our designs shout louder, work harder, and look better than the rest.

We call this visual noise.

Its the design equivalent of loud music in cars, heavy metal head-banging, the man with a pneumatic drill digging the road up. You can’t miss it, and it gets to you, but its there for a reason.

As a small group of highly creative, passionate designers we offer a set of design skills that are equally at home designing for print as they are for screen, digital and moving image.

Working with us, you’ll find we offer the skills and approach of a full-service agency, with the intimacy of working directly with the guys that matter.

You don’t get a set of project management and account management staff, instead we each manage our own projects as we work.

Throughout any project we follow the practices set out in ISO 9001 for all quality management, and we work with many clients who also adhere to this industry standard, so we can fit seamlessly into their systems and practices, too.

We also have government standard cyber security certification, giving you that added peace of mind.

All in all, our everyday skills and approach give us the confidence to approach any project with the verve of a hungry new agency, but with the experience of the established agency that we are.

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Our Services:

design, development, extension
packaging creation, extension, refresh

reporting, managing and creating support materials

from concept through to result – full campaigns or individual items including POS, experiential and exhibition

traditional print and on-line

Digital online
websites, on-line advertising (social media movies, widespace, takeovers, pop-ups, cinemagraphs, animation) and social media brand integration. Also ReadyMag digital publishing and in Adobe InDesign / Acrobat for fully interactive PDFs

We also work in Powerpoint to create templates through to full presentations, allowing for direct client amending and updating

Digital on-site
kiosk displays, digital billboards, screen animation for advertising and wayfinding

technical, iconography and freeform bespoke

MP4, HTML5 and Gif animation and cinemagraphs

Adobe Premiere and After Effects for cutting, splicing, editing and adding music and graphics

Some of our clients:

The Frozen North
The Deep South

We make visual noise