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National Galleries of Scotland

Designing for the masters of the arts at the National Galleries of Scotland

We have worked with the National Galleries of Scotland for almost 10 years now, designing all manner of printed material from their What’s On Guide once a quarter, through to their major summer exhibitions. We have branded Turner, and stuck Renoir on the side of a bus. We have digitised Van Gogh to be viewed at Waverley and Haymarket Stations, and have hung Liotard from the back of the RSA building. You could see Daubigny on the Western Approach road, or Leith Walk, or at Edinburgh Airport, but the best place to see all of these artists is in the National Gallery itself, where you could admire them in reality, and that is ultimately what our job is to do.

A typical summer exhibition requires a flexible approach to design, as well as a range of skills that have adapted over the years. With the advent of digital marketing and advertising, our skills have changed from simply designing posters, leaflets and other printed materials, to designing animated advertising for adshels and other public spaces, on-line banners and digital advertising, promotion and information, both to be viewed statically and to interact with.